Unique Microfluidic & Electrochemical System

Using a simple, intuitive process our patented technology can empower clinicians with a rapid point of care diagnosis of infection, along with pathogen classification.

This enables targeted antimicrobial treatment to start immediately, when it can be most effective.

Core Technologies

Highly sensitive and specific diagnosis is enabled though three core technologies.

Microfluidic sample & reagent dynamics

Patient infection and key reagents are transposed though parallel processes and across sensor clusters. Control of these samples and the reagents within the microfluidic system are key to the rapid and highly sensitive diagnosis of samples.

Antibody nano-textured sensors

Nano textured, antibody imprinted electrochemical sensors are at the heart of our diagnostic technology. These have been developed and refined to allow for rapid and accurate diagnosis of the most common human pathogens.

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

A state of the art electrochemical impedance spectroscopy system has been developed in order to quickly and accurately analyse multiple sensor sites, providing definitive diagnosis at the point of care.