Rapid point of care diagnostics for infectious disease

What We Do


At Novus Diagnostics, we want to empower clinicians by providing critical diagnostic information at unparalleled speeds.


Using patented microfluidic electrochemical sensors, and advanced diagnostic algorithms, our platform can empower clinicians to confidently tailor treatment in the critical initial stages of triage and treatment.


Our current focus is on Sepsis – which claims millions of lives around the World every year. A bloodstream infection can kill within hours, so early intervention with the right therapy is critical. Our bedside test delivers results in 15 minutes - ensuring patients receive the best therapies from the outset.

Our Technology Advantage


Clinicians receive highly accurate results within 15 minutes, at the bedside.


Simultaneous diagnosis of infection and classification of the causative pathogen – gram negative, gram positive or fungal.


Rapid infection confirmation and pathogen classification enables immediate targeted treatment in the critical early stages of disease.